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Covid-19 Guest Protocol

We’re back and are SO excited! We know that it’s a new work world we’re entering into, and we want to make sure our clients and team can be prepared for the new salon experience. It is extremely important to read through all the details posted below before your upcoming appointment at Essentia Salon & Spa.


  • You must show zero signs of illness or COVID-19 symptoms. If you have been around and/or have taken care of someone (excluding healthcare professionals) within the last 14 days with COVID-19 please reschedule your appointment

  • All guests will be required to wear a mask that hooks behind the ears (all staff members will be required to wear masks as well). If you do not have a mask one will be provided. We will do our best to apply your hair color without getting it on your mask but a disposable one is recommended with a color service

  • One person per appointment – no guests/children/friends

  • There will be social distancing in the salons and a no touch shopping experience. Your stylist or a support person can happily assist you with any home care needs

  • You will need to remain in your service area during your service unless using the restroom

  • We will NOT be accepting cash for the time being (not even for tips). Towards the end of your service, a member of our team will book your future appointment and begin the checkout process in the styling chair. We will total your service, add gratuity and your home care products (we will gather them for you and bag them up).

  • Please limit bringing any belongings to the salon besides your phone, keys and form of payment. If possible leave your handbag at home or in your car

  • Please keep in mind that we might have to use more color, depending on the regrowth, which could result in an extra color add-on charge

  • Be upfront with your stylist…if you used box color

  • Please do not bring any food to your appointment…Beverages will not be offered but you may bring your own




  • When arriving to Essentia Salon & Spa for your appointment, please wait in your car. Call 785-783-7130 when you arrive and we will call you when we are ready for you to come inside

  • You will need to have a mask on for the entirety of your visit

  • You will need to sanitize your hands upon arriving

  • Your stylist will greet you (please no hugging, even though they want to!)

  • Your stylist will take you to their sanitized work area for your service




  • Service providers will FULLY sanitize all areas with medical grade disinfectant

  • Service providers will wash their hands and sanitize before every guest

  • Support team members will FULLY Sanitize all waiting, reception, and retail areas between each client and will sanitize and switch gloves before every client interaction

  • After sanitation is complete, we will text when we are ready for the next appointment to enter


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of the above precautions and protocol taken by our Essentia Salon & Spa team! After reading all of the above information, before coming to your appointment you MUST be able to answer YES to all of the following questions:


  • I am aware of the precautions Essentia Salon & Spa is taking for my safety, and their teams safety

  • Currently, I am feeling healthy and have had no symptoms of COVID-19 nor have I been taking care of or been around anyone else with COVID-19 within the last 14 days

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